Worldwide reach

Management of spectrum affects every stakeholder involved in using wireless technology and techniques. Quotient is used to viewing regulatory issues from the perspective of operators, vendors, users and regulatory authorities. Whether your country is at the forefront of spectrum management techniques or undergoing a process of regulatory strengthening, Quotient can help.

Supporting allocation and licensing

Regulation covers a whole host of activities to facilitate allocation and assignment of spectrum bands. These include international coordination and negotiation, cost/benefit analysis of alternative uses, technical analysis of compatibility, consultation with industry and assessing the regulatory impact of new policies, services or technologies. To ensure fair and effective licensing conditions, the impact on operators’ and users’ business cases should also be evaluated.

Market led spectrum management

Regulation increasingly involves market based methods such as spectrum trading, incentive pricing and primary assignment methods such as auctions and beauty contests. Quotient has worked for operators and regulatory authorities to ensure fair implementation of these policies.

Whatever your involvement in spectrum, regulation has a profound impact on your organisation. Quotient can help ensure that regulation is applied to the advantage of all.