REGULATIONSpectrum Trading


Spectrum trading is a means of transferring spectrum and facilitating access for those who can make the best possible use of it. Trading combined with liberalisation (change of use) is a radical departure from traditional methods of spectrum management and its effective implementation has significant challenges. In particular, a change of use or configuration may result in interference problems for existing users or across international borders.

Therefore, the definition of the spectrum trading environment is of vital importance to ensure that the maximum flexibility is enabled without compromising the protection of other users. This demands a vision of the potential uses for a band, and a profound understanding of the interference issues arising between them. Even with trading underway, technical due diligence will be required to protect the rights of others. Existing owners will need to be vigilant to ensure that their rights are not compromised.

Quotient is highly skilled in interference analysis and performing other support activities to all participants in the trading environment such as spectrum valuation and technical due diligence. From structuring the trading environment to supporting actual trades to helping protect the rights of users, Quotient is the natural choice of partner.

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