Clients & Projects Broadcast & PMSE


There are a number of new and emerging service developments in the broadcast TV sector. Those of particular note include: higher resolution 4k TV services, an expanding range of streamed and on-demand IPTV services, the use of tablet PCs and other Wi-Fi enabled devices to access TV services in the home, and the increasing distribution of TV services and video over mobile networks.

Significant pressure exists on terrestrial TV spectrum in Europe, where 800 MHz has already been set aside to mobile in the first Digital Dividend, and 700 MHz may follow in Europe. This also puts pressure on PMSE services.

Quotient has undertaken a number of major assignments in this area.

  • On behalf of Ofcom, Quotient Associates participated in a major review of the use of wireless within the UK entertainment sector and its likely development over the next 20 years. This study assessed spectrum requirements for both the distribution and production of entertainment, including Program making and Special Events. It examined likely market trends and user preferences plus developments in devices and systems in order to develop scenarios exploring a range of potential developments including the use of future mobile devices as the primary means of delivering entertainment. These scenarios were then used to develop estimates of future spectrum requirements and these were compared with the licensed and unlicensed spectrum potentially available.
  • We provided ComReg and Irish stakeholders with a full understanding of the opportunities that the Digital Dividend could offer to Irish society, industry, consumers and the economy. The options, benefits and constraints were clearly identified and evaluated within the context of government policies and objectives, and of the market, regulatory and technical issues particular to Ireland. The final analysis identified the options and strategies most likely to maximise the benefits that could accrue to the Republic. The conclusions were accepted by ComReg and formed the basis of their subsequent consultation.
  • We provided the GSMA, the Serbian government and other stakeholders with a full analysis of the opportunities and benefits that the Digital Dividend (freed spectrum from the switch-over from analogue to digital television broadcasting) could offer and their suitability to the specific situation in Serbia and the surrounding countries. Results were presented at the South Eastern Europe Digital Dividend Summit.