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Devices and applications based on licence exempt spectrum have become increasingly important in the past decade, with many individuals, homes and businesses relying on their ready availability and convenience. An increasing number and variety of devices are integrating Wi-Fi and users are becoming more connected, with Wi-Fi facilitating wire-free Internet access or streaming of multimedia content. A strategy for offloading onto Wi-Fi is now essential for any mobile operator’s business model. Wi-Fi will be a core element of future, integrated 5G networks.

Today’s challenges for Wi-Fi include both higher data rates, in order to match wireline speeds, and greater deployment densities to match growing end-user demand, thus requiring more independent channels. These requirements each place pressure on using spectrum more efficiently and on more flexible sharing and/or co-ordination with other services by using increasingly sophisticated methods.

Quotient’s consultants have a long track record of understanding unlicensed device operation and Wi-Fi evolution in particular, working with regulators, operators, vendors and end users.

  • For a national regulatory authority, we studied the potential for Wi-Fi extension bands at 5 GHz and the possible interference scenarios and mitigations with incumbent users such as the Earth Exploration Satellite Service and the Radio Navigation service. Our detailed analysis was presented at both ITU and ETSI study group meetings in preparation for WRC-15 Agenda Item 1.1.
  • We addressed the rapidly evolving use of wireless data over unlicensed spectrum, considering all licence exempt bands and looking for areas of spectrum congestion in the future. Future stakeholder demand for applications using Wi-Fi versus the spectrum available was a prominent issue and raised questions over establishing improved options for spectrum sharing. Our results were published by Ofcom UK as supporting material for their consultation on spectrum sharing.
  • In terms of seeking potential spectrum efficiency gains we evaluated Wi-Fi specifically in terms of whether a degree of managed access was feasible and could improve efficiency in the office, home or at public hotspots. Our analysis and modelling results were published by Ofcom UK during their spectrum sharing consultation.