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Market based approaches to spectrum management include spectrum pricing (to encourage efficient use of spectrum by existing users), auctions (to assign spectrum to those who place the highest value on it), spectrum trading (allowing licensees to trade their spectrum, in whole or in part, to others) and spectrum liberalisation (permitting greater flexibility with regard to the technology and applications which may be used at particular frequencies).

In parallel, the contribution from unlicensed devices is increasing and is set to grow and diversify further. Applications based on short range devices range from smart meters to assisted listening devices. Wi-Fi is incorporated into many devices as their only form of data connectivity (tablets, consumer entertainment devices) and is expected to migrate into lower power devices too, such as some components within the Internet of Things.

Quotient has undertaken a number of major assignments in this area and continues to advise on forward looking, as well as more conventional, spectrum management techniques.

  • For Ofcom UK, we evaluated the future demand for wireless data using unlicensed spectrum up to the year 2022. We identified areas where spectrum supply may not meet demand unless more innovative spectrum sharing approaches are considered.
  • For the UK Government, Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) we performed a spectrum valuation analysis. This updated the economic value of mobile communications to the UK, to include the then soon-to-be auctioned 2600 MHz band.
  • For the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs we led the development of a comprehensive spectrum pricing methodology to both inform a major review of spectrum management and guide future policy making
  • For Ofcom UK, we undertook a major investigation into the opportunities for greater flexibility in the assignment and allocation of spectrum to different applications including the broadcasting, mobile, fixed and aeronautical services
  • On behalf of the Nepalese Ministry of Information and Communications we developed a National Frequency Allocation Plan to facilitate the government’s policies and objectives for the development of the telecommunications sector