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A major question facing the cellular industry is how to continue to grow mobile data services into valuable revenue streams. Talk of killer applications and the unbeatable combination of the internet and mobility has long since faded. Nevertheless, looking around the world, we find that new and innovative services are being introduced. Success can come with careful market segmentation – recognising that different services appeal to different groups of customers.

Ensuring that the network can support these new services is a challenge, requiring network enhancements, optimization of existing facilities and, for many, migration to new technologies, offload to substitute technologies and the addition of new spectrum bands. At the same time research and development towards an integrated vision of 5G is gathering pace.

Our consultants have:

  • Modelled network performance and cost against scenarios of technologies and spectrum available over time, under varied demand predictions, for multinational mobile operators. For example, Quotient advised a global operator on the most attractive technology migration path and investment plan, by applying our internally developed model to their worldwide portfolio. This model is mature and has been carefully refined to reflect real world rather than theoretical cellular performance.
  • Recommended network design and capacity planning methodologies for operators in the light of Wi-Fi hand-off
  • Advised Ofcom on appropriate methodologies for the determination of spectrum requirements for future mobile systems