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Whether used for communications, navigation or radio location, radio is essential to the safety and efficiency of transport operations. Advances in applications, technologies and regulation often require extensive testing and/or international agreement prior to deployment with the result that change can appear to be relatively slow. However, this sector is continually advancing its use of spectrum. For example, in road transport, Intelligent Transport Systems are being developed which will improve driver safety, for example by warning of road conditions in real time. On the regulatory side, greater use of spectrum pricing is being considered.

Quotient’s consultants have undertaken a number of transport assignments, including:

  • Advising Ofcom on the future of wireless communications in the UK transport sector. This major project examined future developments in the transport sector (road, rail, air and sea) and the likely use of wireless. An important aspect of the work was to understand the factors driving developments in transport through engagement with industry, and to test our conclusions with relevant stakeholders. This was successfully accomplished and agreement to our conclusions was reached for all four transport sectors.
  • Via the Technology Strategy Board Informed Personal Travel initiative, we developed an analysis of the communications and wireless location challenges of enabling user accessible status information in a demand responsive transport pilot deployment. Options were evaluated for when both GPS (location) and GPRS (data) were not available.
  • Evaluating and modelling the introduction of AIS in UK waters on behalf of Ofcom, determining the spectrum requirements, and identifying the coordination required between UK competent authorities and overseas regulatory authorities
  • Advising The Eurocontrol Agency on the implications and effects of spectrum pricing in different aeronautical bands