REGULATIONSpectrum Assignment


Regulatory authorities are increasingly using market based methods of spectrum assignment such as spectrum auctions. This is attractive from the regulatory point of view, since there is less regulatory intervention and the market decides who gains access to the spectrum. However, recent outcomes in auctions in Europe have shown that if the auction is structured without a clear understanding of the market and the potential buyers of spectrum, then the structure and conditions may not be suitable and the spectrum can remain unassigned.

Whether spectrum is to be awarded through an auction or a beauty contest, a well designed award procedure is essential. Some of the key activities to be considered are:

  • Market consultation using our direct experience of consultation and extensive industry contacts
  • Market analysis and assessment of enterprise value
  • Evaluation of spectrum, applications and technologies
  • Customised auction or beauty contest design
  • Development of licence conditions
  • Bid assessment or pre-qualification of participants

The Quotient approach combines all the key elements and works with some of the world’s leading game theorists to ensure a fit for purpose award process.

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