New opportunities and competitive threats

The communications industry is a complex and dynamic one in which new opportunities and threats continuously arise. These dynamics reflect changes in the services demanded by the market, in the technologies to deliver these services, and in the competitive or regulatory environments. The appetite continues for high bandwidth mobility to support a range of IP-based applications; emerging technologies promise major advances at a fraction of the cost of today’s mobile networks, and regulatory liberalisation increases the opportunities for new players. To maintain or establish a competitive edge, it is therefore essential that all wireless-based businesses regularly re-appraise their strategy, technologies and market positioning.

Informed strategic decision making

Responding effectively in a fast moving and complex environment requires strategic decision making to be timely, well informed and soundly thought through. Quotient is able to dissect the hype and establish the real potential capability and operational constraints of emerging applications, bringing insight and clarity to this area of rapid innovation. With our understanding of the business drivers, Quotient’s experts can complement in-house teams or independently undertake market analysis, business planning and technology evaluation. We establish appropriate strategies for the future based on a clear understanding of the market, regulatory environment and technologies.