BUSINESS Business Planning


Every business or venture needs a business plan. It is the means by which the strategy is articulated and transformed into a meaningful prediction of financial performance. However, to produce an effective business plan can be challenging. It requires the prediction of market demand and technology evolution, and a creative flair from which competitive advantage is born.

Quotient assists with the development of the essential components of a coherent and credible business plan:

  • Business objective setting
  • Marketing plan (short term and long term)
  • Assessment of resources and skills
  • Regulatory assessment
  • Competitive strategy
  • Product and service roadmap
  • Pricing strategy
  • Financial planning
  • Risk assessment

But above all, we deliver the strategic understanding of core competitive strengths to ensure that the business is founded on sustainable competitive advantage. We have a fundamental understanding of the key market and revenue drivers, practical knowledge of operational and deployment issues, sound business awareness, and an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment.

Quotient has the insight, experience and analytical capability to deliver effective business plans founded on sustainable competitive advantage.

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