A rapidly changing world

The widespread demand for mass-market high bandwidth capability has finally arrived. Emerging technologies and new network architectures are enhancing system performance and capabilities, and radically changing the network deployment economics. This is creating not only new business opportunities, but also new business threats. Selection of the most appropriate technology in this environment is vital to compete effectively.

Focus on systems

Whatever the network topology or link characteristics, Quotient has the experience to identify and quantify performance, costs and revenue, capacity and capabilities, and spectrum occupancy. Quotient:

  • Undertakes comparative evaluation of alternative technologies and cost/benefit analysis
  • Develops and advises on realistic technology migration strategies
  • Assesses the deliverable performance and capabilities of emerging technologies
  • Undertakes network audits and works with organisations to facilitate adoption of best practice
  • Advises on and assists with licence applications, whether awarded by auction, beauty contest or direct assignment

Quotient can advise on the implications of a change of spectrum use or spectrum trading, as permitted in some more liberalised regimes, and on the deployment of new technologies. Quotient can perform realistic interference assessment of the likely impact of spectrum use changes.

Quotient supports clients whose range of applications span all wireless sectors including cellular, public and private mobile radio, broadcasting, fixed links, satellite, public safety communications, and the aeronautical and maritime services.