The telecommunications industry remains a hotbed of innovation in both services and technology, and there is a great deal of interest by the financial community. But Venture Capital and financing deals need to be founded on a clear understanding of the potential for these services and technologies. They must also take account of the competition faced by potential financing targets both now and in the future.

Quotient has the combination of skills that are ideally suited to the assessment of potential targets. Our technical skills ensure a clear understanding of their capability relative to others in the industry and our economic skills allow this to be translated into a clear understanding of financial benefit. We are also commercially astute and aware of regulatory implications for business. We can:

  • Undertake technical due diligence on potential financing targets
  • Provide understanding of the economic benefits of core assets
  • Identify the fundamental customer value proposition of an application or technology
  • Perform financial modelling of market share and enterprise value

Quotient’s combination of commercial acumen, economic analysis and profound understanding of the technology makes us the ideal choice of partner to help with your M&A or financing activities.